Praying the Psalms

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Jeremiah 29.11-14


For I am mindful of the plans I have made concerning you ~ declares the Lord ~ plans for your welfare, not for your disaster, to give you a hopeful future. When you call Me, and come and pray to Me, I will give heed to you.  You will search for Me and find Me, if only you seek Me wholeheartedly.  I will be at hand for you ~ declares the Lord ~ and I will restore your fortunes. And I will gather you from all the nations and from all the places I have banished you ~ declares the Lord ~ and I will bring you back to the place from which I have exiled you. (Jeremiah 29.11-14)


Job 35.11,13,14b


Who gives us more knowledge than the beasts of the earth,

Makes us wiser than the birds of the sky?

. . . Surely it is false that G-d does not listen,

That Shaddai does not make note of it!

. . . The case is before Him; so wait for Him.

Job 35.11,13,14b

Tehillim/Psalms 85.11-14


Faithfulness and truth meet; justice and well-being kiss.

Truth springs up from the earth; justice looks down from heaven.

The Lord also bestows His bounty; our land yields its produce.

Justice goes before Him as He sets out on His way.

Tehillim/Psalms 85.11-14

Tehillim/Psalms 73.28


As for me, nearness to G-d is good;

I have made the Lord G-d my refuge,

that I may recount all Your works.

Tehillim/Psalms 73.28

Isaiah 12.3-4

Joyfully shall you draw water

From the fountains of triumph,

And you shall say on that day:

“Praise the Lord, proclaim His name.

Make His deeds known among the peoples,

Declare that His name is exalted.”

Isaiah 12.3-4

Genesis 22.17


I [the Lord] will bestow My blessings upon you,

and make your descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven

and the sands on the seashore. . .

Genesis 22.17

Isaiah 40.8

Grass withers, flowers fade ~

But the word of our G-d is always fulfilled!

Isaiah 40.8