Praying the Psalms


Tehillim/Psalms 147.1


It is good to chant hymns to our G-d;

it is pleasant to sing glorious praise.

Tehillim/Psalms 147.1

***I love posting to this blog. Singing the Psalms is a powerful prayer and sustainer of one’s spirit. Even though there are few visitors to this site, it is special to me. I will, however, have to take a hiatus due to the mounting demands of graduate school. I will most probably not be back with any regularity till the latter part of April. ¬†Keep praying and singing the Palms and if you like, check in on my primary blog (Inspired Vision) from time to time. I will continue posting there but on a very reduced schedule. Enjoy the remainder of winter and I will see you again in the spring. ūüôā

Tehillim/Psalms 16.8

I am ever mindful of the Lord’s presence;

He is at my right hand; I shall never be shaken.

Tehillim/Psalms 16.8

A Note

A note to the two or three readers of this blog…¬† I will get back to this.¬† Right now I have two other blogs going, one which will hopefully start bringing in a little money.¬† I am also preparing to start grad school.¬† But the REAL reason this blog has been neglected is my feeling of inadequacy.¬† I’m trying to get over that.¬† Why?¬† Because the spiritual aspects of life have always been supremely important to me.¬† I want to write about it.¬† The spiritual is the core of life, and therefore it is also the most personal and vulnerable.¬† I’ve been afraid to blog here.¬† But there is so much to write, and it is all rich and wonderful and life-enhancing.¬† I am seriously considering doing a 30 day challenge with this blog, like the one I did with my primary blog,¬† .¬† If I decide to take the plunge, I will blog here on an almost daily basis for the month of July.¬† Check back to see if I courageously took my self-imposed challenge!


A Spiritual Journey

Once I began blogging, I found that I rather enjoyed it!¬† Up until now, however, my blogs have been more reflective on personal experiences and memories of my past adventures and growing up.¬† My original site,¬†has been written¬†with my children in mind; a memoir of sorts for them.¬† The stories that have¬†passed down¬†to me from my grandparents have been awe inspiring, and given me a sense of my own history and worth.¬† I intend to write much more along that line…but on my original blog.

In my former life, before becoming  Jewish, I was a minister by profession.  But then I converted to Judaism, and my life has been very different since then.  This was a very good thing for me, the right thing to do.   My spiritual journey has humbled and amazed me, yet I never lost the desire to share spiritual nuggets (learned from experience and from wonderful teachers along the way) and offer encouragement to those I come in contact with.  This page is intended for that purpose.  Chana is my Hebrew name.  Chana, the mother of Shmuel (Samuel) HaMelech (the king), taught us how to pray.  Today, our jewish prayers are still modeled after the prayer she prayed when in the temple praying for a child.  After the birth of Shmuel, she sang for joy for prayer answered, thus the name of this blog.  I am learning to pray and sing the Psalms/Tehillim.  Our journey here is a song, oftentimes joyful, but also mournful in seasons of sorrow or distress.  Always, though, our prayers and songs are the ways in which we communicate with HaShem thus strengthening that spiritual bond.  I plan to reflect on those songs: Tehillim/Psalms, Emunah/Faith, Weekly Parsha/weekly Torah reading.  I may add more categories as I go along, but this is a start.  Without promise, I plan to write once a week on this site.  I hope that you feel free to add your insights and reflections in your comments. 

May we all merit continued growth in our spiritual journeys.