Praying the Psalms


b’Sha’ah Tovah: in good time

Daven: Pray.  I believe this is Yiddish rather than Hebrew, and the term most frequently used by Ashkenazi Jews (European descent.)  {“L’hit pallel” is the Hebrew term for pray, and is used by Sephardi Jews (Mediterranean/North Africa/Middle East descent)}

Emunah: Faith

Gam zu l’tovah: this, too, is for the good

Halachah (ot — plural): Jewish law

HaMelech: Literal meaning is “The King” and is generally used when referring to one of Israel’s biblical kings.

har: Mountain.  har Sinai: Mount Sinai

Hashem: Literal meaning is “The Name.”  Used when speaking about G-d as opposed to using one of the many names for G-d when davening directly to G-d.

Kavannah: purpose, focus, with intent and concentration.  For instance, our goal is to daven with kavannah.

Kepital: chapter, as in praying or reciting a kepital of Tehillim

Middah/Middot: Character trait(s)

Mussar: Method of soul refinement, perfecting our middot/character traits

Tehillim: Psalms

Teshuva: Repent; completely turn away from one thing and turn toward something else. i.e. Completely turning away from evil or bad behavior, and turning toward that which is holy and good.

Tov: good

Yeshivah: Jewish religious school

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