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Tehillim/Psalms 104.14-15


You make the grass grow for the cattle,

and herbage for human labor

that they may get food out of the earth ~

wine that cheers the hearts of people,

oil that makes the face shine,

and bread that sustains human lives.

Tehillim/Psalms 104.14-15

Tehillim/Psalms 147.7-8


Sing to the Lord a song of praise,

chant a hymn with a lyre to our G-d,

who covers the heavens with clouds,

provides rain for the earth,

makes mountains put forth grass . . .

Tehillim/Psalms 147.7-8

Isaiah 40.8

Grass withers, flowers fade ~

But the word of our G-d is always fulfilled!

Isaiah 40.8